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We provide automatic analysis of gene activity to any cell

Automatic analysis of gene activity to any cell bacterium or virus in any place with optimal accuracy. Providing accurate molecular and biological information

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We are developing an analysis instrument or, Lab on a chip, able to detect gene activity in any cell, bacteria or virus, in a matter of minutes. Precise detection of pathogens or any other gene activity. A disruptive new technology that will impact and improve current commercial biological monitoring methods both in cost, time and accuracy. You can place it anywhere, no laboratory needed.

It is called POCNAD (Point-of-Care Nucleic Acid Diagnosis) technology!

Our Production

The production of the POCLOC (Poin Of Care Lab On a Chip) Instrument and disposable cartridge (the analytical lab on a chip) is done in contract with Mectro AS (Horten, Norway), LD-Design Electronics AB and MVP AS. The instrument is produced as an automatic robust and very user-friendly instrument able to be operated at any location. Many of the components in the instrument is unique and directly dedicated to perform optimal sample treatment and molecular gene-activity diagnosis. The cartridge is made use special dedicated injection moulding tools and process made to perform optimal microfluidic activity and processes. The refining chips and devices are produced using unique injection moulding tools made by MVP AS.

What is the market?

Our customers are people and companies receiving advantages in their decision getting precise information on-line, early enough at a low cost. First target group for the marketing focus in ORP is the Aquaculture industry. The purpose is to discover a micro parasite or an abnormal gene activity early enough to prevent the disease or to secure sustainable treatment. To see your biological “enemies” before they can grow to a problem can change your cost profile significantly, in one recent case in Chile, Marine Harvest could have saved 800 million USD.

Identifying the size of the market is difficult. This is a new way of thinking. To take the laboratory out of the laboratory and placing it on a chip small and robust enough to be placed anywhere. A bit like PC-tablets. No one really saw the use of a computer on a bike, on a micro plane or used by a diver. We have done some estimations together with representatives from the Norwegian aquaculture industry. Using conservative figures still shows a huge potential in the market. One market leader who will use our products defined our product as a “golden egg” for the aquaculture industry. Some of the markets where this technology will disrupt and commercially improve are:

  • Aquaculture worldwide
  • Veterinary care for domestic and commercial animal stock world wide
  • Human Biology including diseases like cancer
  • Agriculture soil and microbiota quality
  • 100’s of industries that use filters to separate different size particles.
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